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NeuroPsych Education focuses on "How to Have the Brain Work for You, Instead of Against You". As a self-proclaimed NeuroScience Geek, and completion of a Thesis that focused on the NeuroScience of the brain, I have worked with client after client, developing specific skills to assist him/her in utilizing the Pre-Frontal Cortex toward THRIVING in Life, instead of just Surviving it.


This approach provides very specific skills to assist the person in "Thinking Outside the Box". Our brains don't like too much change (good or bad) too fast. Instead, taking it in "bite-sized" steps towards the goals makes it possible for the brain to adjust. This is an example of one of the many skills introduced to the client, ultimately leading to a confident sense of Empowerment over his/her life. This, and several other skills, are given and implemented in to the client's life.

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