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Art Therapy BLOGS



ART THERAPY: Inspiring Others to Create


One of the things that is now becoming very prominent in the field of art therapy involves the internet and technology. Blogs have taken off, creating an amazing form to easily communicate the intimate workings of the author's life and opinions/thoughts. Art therapists are following in the steps of those successful bloggers who have transformed the world of the internet and communication.

The list to the right is filled with six different blogs that I am recommending. They are blogs by art therapists that have done amazing work in the field of art therapy and have wonderful examples of the art therapy they do with their clients. These are just a handful of the blogs available for viewing. Googling art therapy bloggers is another way to come up with further options.

Art Therapy Organizations:



This blog was created Shelley Klammer, art therapist. This blog highlights the "Top 50 Art Therapy Blogs".​


ART THERAPY BLOG: Notes on the practice of art therapy and other news in the field

This blog was created by Carol Olson, art therapist. She has a unique quality to her art and approaches to art therapy. She is also very successful at what she does with people.

Communities Healing Through ART (CHART)

Art Therapy Without Boarders, Inc. (ATWB)

This international art therapy organization has focused on providing art therapy services to children after natural disasters have hit. They also specialize in making connections and sharing about art therapy around the world.

ATWB is a non-profit incorporation that was put together in 2010 to exclusively focus on charitable, educational, and networking purposes in order to promote, develop, and support international art therapy initiatives and the work of art therapists worldwide.

American Art Therapy Association (AATA)

International Art Therapy Organization (IATO)

The United States has come together to create this national organization with the intention to advocate for art therapy and art therapists, as well as educate the publica about art therapy and assist with maintaining credentials for art therapists.

IATO works hard to bring together art therapists, related professionals, and students involved in the fields of art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art in order to promote health and social transformation.



This blog was created by Karen Wallace, art therapist. She has some amazing art therapy directives to share, and insights to give.


ART THERAPY: Sharing Directives

I created this blog after getting multiple requests from interns and art therapy students on art therapy directive ideas. It has also been used extensively in the art therapy classes I have taught.


LOVE DISARMS: Adventures of a Creative Therapist

In this blog, I focus more on my own experiences in the art therapy field, as well as theoretical approaches to doing art therapy and working with clients as a counselor.

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