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EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT), otherwise known as "Tapping", has been proven to remove symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, anger, and other unwanted intense emotions, as well as chronic pain issues and recovery from major surgery. The success of the EFT experience is maximized by doing what I refer to as "Excavating" in order to get to the "Nugget" of what is causing the unwanted emotional and/or physical feelings. 

Although there are several videos on how to utilize EFT for and on ones self, the process this therapist uses is one that allows the client to focus on him or herself completely without having to perform the tapping his/herself. The hand is the only part of the body that is tapped on. The client often experiences fatigue at the end of the process, as the body releases a great deal of tension it has been holding on to, often for many years. This leads to a great deal of relaxation and often very good sleep.


A week later, the client indicates that the symptoms are still gone and then wonders if it/they will come back. He/she is surprised to find out that they will not come back, and then wonders how to fill the space of where there was once a slew of negative emotions. We work extensively on assisting the brain on adjusting to such a major change, and continue to put in to place a new, chosen sense of self (that does not include adjustment to painful, chronic feelings).

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