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Equine Therapy

A Not-for-Profit in Kansas


As a Board Member for this incredible program, I am thrilled to refer people to a therapeutic service that is changing lives!


Although this program is just getting started, I cannot say enough about this organization. Having grown up around horses, I can attest to their profound impact on those around them. Each horse is specifically chosen in order to meet the needs of the individual that is riding them, making the experience a personal one.

Horses have been known to respond to the emotional states of those around them, connecting with those in need in very special and unique ways. Their gentle strength is both intimidating and peaceful, exciting and calming, thrilling and relaxing. The paradigm of these combinations both stimulates the nervous system, while simultaneously allowing it to finally relax. This is something that people with anxiety or PTSD symptoms struggle with not being able to do on a daily basis.

After being around the horses, people have noted how much more relaxed and happy they are, a result that nothing else in life seems to be able to give them.

FOR RESERVATIONS: The web-site and details about this upcoming program will come available soon!

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