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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is considered a "Research Based" approach to providing mental health counseling/therapy. Changing our Thoughts can affect our Feelings, which then can change our Behaviors. Although this may seem straight forward, the challenging part is identifying what the thoughts actually are that are getting in the way between ourselves and our goals getting fulfilled. In any one moment, 166 Million bits of information go on in the brain behind the scenes. We are only aware of 16 (maximum) of these.

Once the work is done to get aware of the thoughts that our brains have made up, we then begin to target those thoughts and "reprogram" the brain so that we are thinking and feeling what we WANT to think and feel. This then changes our whole approach to relationships, our career, and any other areas of life that we want to see positive changes occur. Life genuinely begins to transform for the better as we take this process on more and more.

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